The future of wastewater treatment

lipasanF® with granted patent


Microbial, eco-friendly fat splittin

for canteen kitchens, catering, butchers, restaurants and hotels

Was machen wir?

lipasanF® is an eco-friendly, micobebased product for the prevention and removal of fat deposits in wastewater drains and sewage treatment plants.

Existing fat deposits and blockages are biologically removed. Locally arising unpleasant smells are avoided and limits for lipophilic substances can easily be complied with using lipasanF®


Advantages for the gastronomy sector

Mode of action: natürliche, mikrobielle Fettspaltung
They have been selected for the targeted application in wastewater systems to breakdown fat into water soluble by-products which are 100% biodegradable and -unlike grease- cannot form deposits or blockages.
Simple application: ready-to-use Komponente
The application of this microbial culture is very user-friendly. It is a component that will be delivered „ready-to-use“ meaning that the product can be dosed manually on site. Alternatively, lipasanF® can also be applied automatically using a proportional dosing unit.
The Energy balance environmentally neutral, resource-saving
By products formed by the action of lipasanF® are fully accessible for further biological degradation processes. Resulting oil-phases are flowable and can be extracted for further use. The power consumption for pumps and lifting units is reduced due to clean pipe walls and free flowable sewage water. lipasanF® markedly reduced the susceptibility to damage and the cleaning effort in the sewage treatment plant. Fatty acids and oils in waste water can be easily separated and utilised e.g. as a co-substrate in biogas plants.
Packaging: Eco-friendly bag-in-box
lipasanF®is aseptically canned at the production site in an ideal storage and sales container, a 5 or 10 l bag-in-box which is eco-friendly due to its low CO2-footprint and low waste volume. The polyethylene can be recycled completely and the insulating cardboard box protects the bag from mechanical damage and light.
The storage: temperature
lipasanF® must be stored in a dry place at 41° and 53,6 ° F for up to 6 months. It can be effectively applied at 41° and 86° F.
The Dosage: 1:10 to 1:15
The suspension is diluted 1:10 to 1:15 -fold and applied manually before, or automatically during the idle time of the plant when drains or not used.

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